Gav King (Fields of the Nephilim/The More I See) : Prong – Cleansing

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Prong – Cleansing (1994)

Author : Gav King (Fields of the Nephilim / The More I See)

This is not the band or album that got me into music in the first place but
an album that really introduced me to the more underground scene that I’d
been craving having been listening prior to the more commercial groups.

This album has some great songs from the angry upbeat raw offering of
‚Another Worldly Device‘ to the harsh groove laden chugs of Paul Raven’s
pummelling bass driven ‚Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck‘. The ’80’s thrash
of ‚Cut-Rate‘, the more hardcore ‚Broken Peace‘ and ‚One More Outnumbered‘.
It’s got all the bases covered with a real heavy raw uncompromising pre-‚pro
tools‘ sound…even if the rumours are true and Marshall Valve-state amps
were used.

Years later in ‚The More I See‘ I was lucky enough to do a tour with the
Prong rhythm section (Raven RIP) while they were playing for Godflesh
supporting Fear Factory.

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