P.A.L. : S.P.K. – Auto-Da-Fé (english review)

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S.P.K. – Auto Da Fé

P.A.L. : S.P.K. - Auto-Da-Fé (english review)

Autor : P.A.L.

Way back in 1983 when I thought no record released after 1970 was any good, I discovered a review of an australian band named S.P.K.; the author was video artist Peter Sempel, the review was released in German SPEX magazine (these were the days this magazine was still worth reading). The review caught my attention, but it took me two more years to buy the record for 22,00 DM which was an enormous amount of money for an apprentice as I was at that time. To make a long story short: The record was worth each cent. Starting on Side A with the punk-like ‘Kontakt’ including weird electronic synth-fuzz and ultra-distorted vocals, followed by the threatening ‘Germanik’, the nightmarish ‘Retard’, and ending with the furious ‘Slogun’, the sheer energy and aggression within a genre I associated with Tangerine Dream etc. literally blew me away. Side B with the dark and more-electronic-than-industrial tracks ‘Metall Field’, ‘Walking On Dead Steps’ and ‘A Heart That Breaks’ lead me into an aural universe I never knew it even existed. After listening to this markstone of a record several time, EVERYTHING changed – one year later I started my first band… and the postcard was nice, too! :-))

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