DEAD GUITARS & WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION – M├Ânchengladbach, Cafe Message (15.12.2007)

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It’s the busy time of the year again, but for some days now we are proud to present the pictures of a wonderful evening at Cafe Message in Mönchengladbach with our friends and musical idols of Dead Guitars and White Rose Transmission. WRT -originally formed by Carlo van Putten and Adrian Borland- opened the evening with a very melancholic acoustic set and Carlo’s warm voice surrounded by fragile sounds already made it feel like christmas time has finally really started, but without all those consumption wars. Just a quiet moment to gather oneself and realize what is important in life. The set was nothing less than wonderful and when the band left the stage, people would have liked to get more of this and in some way or the other they did: Of course singer Carlo came back on stage again … just some minutes later with his other band: Dead Guitars!

Dead Guitars have grown to a quintette lately. Carlo, Pete and Ralf seem to have found the perfect matches for the Dead Guitars sound in Sven-Olaf and Patrick. There was that special Dead Guitars‘ intensity on stage, but this time everything seemed to be even better, even warmer. Of course the set included mostly tracks from their debut album "Airplanes" plus the already known "Silver Cross River", but the band also surprised their audience with two brand new and never played before songs that pointed out again what talented musicians they are: The constant change of tempo always keeps you on your toes and takes you more and more into the bands‘ own spheric atmosphere.

Simply a fantastic evening and not only the audience, but also the band seemsed to have enjoyed this a lot, what else can you expect?

Pictures can be found in our concert-pictures section or right here:

Dead Guitars

White Rose Transmission

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