2008-01-18 : New Re-Release by OMD : “Dazzle Ships”

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The remastered version of Dazzle Ships is scheduled for release on 3rd March 2008. As previously reported, the CD will feature bonus tracks along with sleeve notes and additional information along with new sleeve art which recreates the original 1983 vinyl sleeve.

Amongst the bonus tracks are a 1981 version of Telegraph (recorded during the Architecture And Morality sessions), the full-length version of 66 And Fading and Swiss Radio International which was dropped from the original album release.

"Dazzle Ships is a strange LP" recalls Andy McCluskey "because obviously it was possibly the lowest selling album that we ever released and yet I am inordinately proud of it. Maybe we did something that was commercial suicide, but we did that album for the right reasons. It has a painful beauty".

Source: http://www.omd.uk.com

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