THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE & PSYCHO LUNA – Krefeld, Kulturfabrik (09.11.2007)

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On November 9th, 2007 the "Walking with strangers-Tour" came for a little stop to Krefeld and tour-support Psycho Luna opened the night. Psycho Luna wasn’t really my thing so I waited for The Birthday Massacre to begin. They entered the stage a little afterwards and presented a set of only 58 minutes because one of their band members got sick. Still a little too short though in my opinion. The gig was ok songwise, but somehow the spark didn’t really wanted to hit me and most others at the Kulturfabrik. Everyone on stage acted like it had been rehearsed a million times already, nothing surprising happened really. The times that The Birthday Massacre were eager to celebrate their gig seem to be over and the band a little fed up with the sucess they are enjoying these days. Hopefully that was only the result of the illness and not what the band is able to perform at this point of their career.

Pictures of the gig can be found in the concert-pictures-section or right here:

The Birthday Massacre 

Psycho Luna

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