Preview: EMILIE AUTUMN @ NL-Utrecht, Tivoli (23.03.2011)

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    Emilie Autumn: The Asylum "Fight Like a Girl" Tour 2012

    Fri, 3/23/12
    Tivoli de Helling

    This is the only show giving in Holland from her ÔÇťFight like a GirlÔÇŁ tour 2012. For further dates in Europe:

    Emilie Autumn already announced the title of her upcoming Album in 2010.
    Now, 2 years later she is going to promote her latest upcoming Album with an America and Europe tour. Her music encompasses a wide range of styles and because of that she called this style: Victoriandustrial. The new Album is planned to be "a bit more violent… bloodier and…A little more metal".

    A classically trained musician always dressed in handmade Victorian style clothes is a feast for every bodyÔÇÖs eyes and ears. She shall be assisted by The Bloody Crumpets.

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