NEW MODEL ARMY & THERAPY & KLEINSTADTHELDEN – Köln, Palladium (22.12.2007)

NEW MODEL ARMY & THERAPY & KLEINSTADTHELDEN - Köln, Palladium (22.12.2007)
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For some years now, New Model Army come to cologne during christmas time to celebrate a special christmas with their fans. This year on December 22nd, New Model Army played with Therapy? and Kleinstadthelden at the Palladium which was pretty packed as usual when the brits call their fans together.

Kleinstadthelden are a young german band from the Bremen area and espacially regarding their age, they played a fun gig and there were barely any signs of stage fright when they opened this special night. A sympathatic gig of a band that I am sure we will hear more of in the future.

Afterwards Therapy? entered the stage and took the crowd by storm already. A fantastic gig that included all their hits (Screamager, Teethgrinder, Turn, Nowhere etc) and a version of Hüsker Dü’s "Diana" that transfered the spirit of the original into the 21st century. The gig was full of energy and there was barely time to breathe: Andy, Michael and Neil simply rocked their way through the time they had.

And then there they were: New Model Army took the stage. Singer Justin Sullivan has been known as europe’s protest singer Number One for decades now and he and his band still know how to fascinize people. Their songs are so full of passion and energy, no matter if they play rock songs or just "simply" ballads. The crow was hypnotized and sang along almost every song. The first half of the gig was mostly filled with songs from their latest album "High" before they turned back the time in the end and gave the audience what they wanted. They even played "51st state" during the gig, but also other hits like "Green And Grey", "I Love The World" or "Vagabonds". I would have loved to hear "White Coats" or "No Rest For The Wicked", but who really wants to complain when the whole gig is filled with one high quality song following the other?! New Model Army still know exactly how to do it and they will keep on pleasing their fans: Another christmas gig is already dated for December 21st of 2008 … don’t miss it!

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New Model Army
NEW MODEL ARMY & THERAPY & KLEINSTADTHELDEN - Köln, Palladium (22.12.2007)

NEW MODEL ARMY & THERAPY & KLEINSTADTHELDEN - Köln, Palladium (22.12.2007)

NEW MODEL ARMY & THERAPY & KLEINSTADTHELDEN - Köln, Palladium (22.12.2007)

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