2007-12-01 : Joe Letz of COMBICHRIST sells self designed Tour-Shirt on eBay

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An auction for real Combichrist Fans:

Joe Letz sells Tour-Shirt on eBay!

This shirt was created and worn by JOE LETZ during every single COMBICHRIST show that he played since he joined COMBICHRIST.

JOE LETZ creates a new shirt for every band that he plays in, which usually turns into the only shirt that he will ever wear on stage while playing with that band. This shirt was made the night before his debut show with COMBICHRIST for the BLACK SUN FESTIVAL at TOADS PLACE in CONNECTICUT on July 29th 2006. It was then worn for every single show that he played with COMBICHRIST on every single tour thereafter, including, COMBICHRIST’s North American co-headlining tour with KMFDM, headlining European tour, headlining
Australian tour, and headlining North american tour that just completed this past september.

This shirt has hardly ever been washed as it is considered a "lucky shirt". After every tour it was tied up in a plastic bag, to seal its essence and soul until it was to be opening again an hour before the first show of the following tour put on right before going on stage. This ritual was strictly superstitious and contributed much to the shirts unique wear and tear and distinct smell. This shirt also acted heavily as a shield to JOE’s torso for the constant friendly spitting wars that ANDY LAPLEGUA and SEAN F. and JOE LETZ would wage against one another on stage night after night.

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