BLUTENGEL & PSYCHE & ADAM – Duisburg, Pulp (18.10.2007)

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On thursday October 18th Blutengel, Adam and Psyche gave a sold out show in Duisburg at the Pulp. Psyche as the local support opened up the event with a micture of classics and songs of their latest albums and did a great set. Darrin Huss sang the hell out of their songs and Stephen played the keyboard with all his experience. After a pleaseantly short intermission the offcial tour opener Adam from Italy started their set and got the crowd moving with hard electronic beats and a very enthusiastic show. Last band of the evening was headliner Blutengel and they gave the masses what they had asked for: A perfect show full of clich├ęs and lots of different performances on stage. The crowd was exstatic and most people sang along the lyrics which they knew by heart and so it was a sucessful ending to this nice event.

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