2007-07-19 : RECOIL Berlin release party, podcast and videos

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With so little big releases available right now, Alan Wilder (ex-Depeche Mode) has secured himself a very nice place in the spotlights for his excellent "subHuman" album. Here’s what is coming up: first of all, there will be a "subHuman" Berlin Release Party organised by Mute Records including the attendance of Alan Wilder and his wife Hepzibah Sessa. This party will take place on 3rd August 2007 at "White Trash" (Diamond Lounge, Schönhauser Allee 6-7), Berlin and is… sold out ! All 300 tickets found an owner in no time.

In more Recoil news, there is an Alan Wilder podcast which you can download at www.mutestation.com . For the occasion Alan recorded a special podcast, at nearly 20 minutes long, Alan discusses the recording process and provides his insight into the creative and conceptual elements of the album. For those who missed the "subHuman" listening party, all video segments are now online. Check here to see the first volume, the other 7 volumes are available under the related videos.

Finally, there’s good news for the USA fans as well, the US Release of "subHuman" will be available as a CD + DVD package in the North American NTSC format when it is released on August 14th

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