2007-07-19 : Change of plans for THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE

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The Birthday Massacre have send a Myspace Bulletin to announce that they are going to present 2 new songs of the fothcoming album in August instead of just one! Here is the full message:


Hello again,

Well, after we went to great lengths to tell everyone on the planet about our release of a song August 1st….

…we have already had a slight change in plans….

We are going to be putting out 2 tracks.

August 1st : "Looking Glass" -posted online as an album preview.

August 21st : the 1st single with be digitally released: "Red Stars" -full version made available for download! More info and links to the download will be posted soon.

Check our profile for information regarding the album release dates and track listing…plus, you can go to the Metropolis Records webstore and pre-order the album now.


Thanks again, everyone. Hope to see you soon

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