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Die ersten sechs Namen fĂŒr das dritte Sinner’s Day Festival am 30. Oktober 2011 in der Ethias Arena im belgischen Hasselt stehen fest und es sind natĂŒrlich wieder ein paar Große.

Mit DIAMANDA GALAS, THE MISSION, VISAGE, KARL BARTOS (Ex Kraftwerk), KMFDM und PATTI SMITH mit Band prĂ€sentiert man wieder GrĂ¶ĂŸen der Achtziger Jahre, die man nicht jeden Tag auf der BĂŒhne sehen kann. Insgesamt werden 14 KĂŒnstler auf zwei BĂŒhnen auftreten, weitere Namen folgen in KĂŒrze!

Tickets und Informationen ĂŒber das Sinner’s Day gibt es auf der Festivalhomepage

Hier ein paar Informationen zu den bestĂ€tigten KĂŒnstlern in englischer Sprache:


The Greek-American DIAMANDA GALAS can sing up to 3,5 Octaves. The black diva can sing harrowing songs and also move her audience. Frim vocal terror to touching blues. A Phenomena!

Diamanda Galás is sometimes called a modern witch. Always dressed in black, raven-haired, dark make-up. And then that phenomenal voice which can make someone’s flesh creep. Her voice has a range of 3,5 octaves and that is pretty rare.

The singer’s music has never been punk or new wave. But her look and thoughts are. The biggest part of her work was released by Mute records (Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Goldfrapp) and she has worked with Erasure and Recoil.


The band that gave gothic a face. THE MISSION turns 25 and celebrates this with an extended tour in the original line-up. Exclusively in belgium at Sinner’s Day.

The Mission is ‘wave deluxe’. The band was formed in 1986 with solid parts of big names. The frame is one half of The Sisters Of Mercy. Guitar player Wayne Hussey and bass player Craig Adams leave the band and choose to sail their own boat.

In 2008 Hussey tells the world that he’s had enough. After 10 albums he chooses to go solo. The goodbye is short lived though. The ‘5th period’ starts with a tour in the original line-up for the occasion of the 25th birthday of The Mission. Sinner’s Day is the only stop in our country.


VISAGE is the brainchild of the remarkable Steve Strange. He is in all the right places when punk takes over London. His biggest realization is nightclub Blitz that becomes the epicentre of the New Romantics (Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Ultravox). Strange becomes the face of the movement. He can be seen in David Bowie’s video ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and scores a major hit with ‘Fade To Grey’.


The name of KARL BARTOS is undeniably linked with Kraftwerk. He is part of the classic line-up of the electro pioneers. Together with Wolfgang FlĂŒr, Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider he evolves from experimental avant-garde to electronic pop. After his departure in 1991, Bartos makes albums both in his own name and as Elektric Music. He works together with Electronic, the band of Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Johnny Marr (ex The Smiths).


Also KMFDM is from Germany. In full the band is called Kein Mehrheid FĂŒr Die Mitleid, which literally means ‘no majority for sympathy’. Founder Sascha Konietzko prefers it the other way around: ‘no sympathy for the majority’. KMFDM creates ultra-heavy beats and made it in the United States together with Front 242 and Ministry. During the nineties they sold about 2 million copies there.

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