[:SITD:] & PAINBASTARD & DESTROID – Bochum, Matrix (02.11.2007)

[:SITD:] & PAINBASTARD & DESTROID - Bochum, Matrix (02.11.2007)
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On November 2nd, 2007 the Bestie-Mensch-Tour 2007 ended with a special gig in Bochum: It was not only the last gig of the tour but also the birthday of Tom from [:SITD:]. And so the evening was full of surprises. First act was Daniel Myer’s latest project Destroid and Daniel, Ribi and Sebi gave a good overview of their work so far, including songs from their latest album Loudspeaker, but also hits from album number one "Future Prophecies", for example "Judgement Throne". After that, Painbastard entered the stage and it was time for some harder club-sounds, always agitated by Alex’ shouting voice. During the gig the first surprise occured when all involved musicians plus other buddies including Adrian Hates of Diary Of Dreams entered the stage and had a little fun there while the audience sang "Happy Birthday Tom" for the first, but not the last, time this evening. The gig continued normally and then it was time for the main-act of the night: [:SITD:]. Carsten, Tom and Francesco ruled the audience right from the beginning and the atmosphere was enormous. A big party started including another celebration of Tom’s birthday when a sign popped up on the stage-screen with Tom’s face and a big "Today is my birthday" on it. That was the moment for everyone behind the scenes to come back on stage and sing a birthday song for Tom which was named "Heavy Birthday" by Painbastards’ Alex. The gig ended with the first [:SITD:]-hit "Snuff Machinery" in which Alex assisted Carsten again with the vocals. Afterwards the big party ended, but only on stage. The celebration continued backstage afterwards I am sure.

Pictures of the evening can be found in our concert-pictures-section or right here: 

[:SITD:][:SITD:] & PAINBASTARD & DESTROID - Bochum, Matrix (02.11.2007)

[:SITD:] & PAINBASTARD & DESTROID - Bochum, Matrix (02.11.2007)

[:SITD:] & PAINBASTARD & DESTROID - Bochum, Matrix (02.11.2007)

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