SKELETAL FAMILY & CHRIS REED & DOWNSCARRED – Bochum, Zwischenfall (30.09.2007)

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I have just uploaded the pictures I took at sunday’s Skeletal Family concert in Bochum with openers Chris Reed (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry) and Downscarred. It was a cool concert and I was impressed by the almost "punk" attitude of Skeletal Family and their girl-singer Claire is just simply beautiful and cute as hell.

Skeletal Family:

Chris Reed:


Setlist Skeletal Family:

01. Lies
02. Hands On The Clock
03. She Cries Alone
04. Faithless Whore
05. Delirium
06. Only Sometimes
07. Never Again
08. So Sure
09. Best Friends
10. Heart Beating
11. Promised Land
12. The Wind Blows
13. Black JuJu
14. Gut Feeling

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