2007-08-03 : “Download Single Only” to become standard

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Bad news for fans that like to actually havesomething in their hands when they buy music:

"The CD single format seems to become rather obsolete as more and more bands are switching to download singles instead. Whereas many indie bands already embraced the format as being a rather handy tool to release material we see more and more established bands taking over the habit. In the recent past bands such as Recoil or yet Sigur Ros started selling digital only singles in different digitalk formats with 1-track singles, 2-track singles and multi-track releases. It is expected that iTunes will also soon offer audio and video singles in one which will increase the possibilities. And more bands are quitting the CD format, The Cure for example will release their newest single as a download only and it seems that also Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan will go for download only to promote his newest solo album." (Source: www.side-line.com)

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