2007-07-27 : Next DEPECHE MODE album might be released in 2008 already!

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The band are likely to start recording sooner than expected, with a new album possibly out as soon as late next year.

With an upcoming solo record firmly in the bag, and due out in October, Dave Gahan is not resting on his laurels for long it seems. While the decision has not been finalized indications are that Dave might not tour for his "Hourglass" project; instead getting back together with the rest of Depeche Mode and start work on a new album "early next year", sources close to the band reveal.

It is confirmed that Martin has already written a generous helping of songs, and if Dave has some left overs from the writing sessions with Christian Eigner, chances are there’s already an album worth of material to start work on.

Depeche Mode’s latest collective effort, "Playing The Angel", was begun in early 2005, with the record out and the band touring before that year had passed. If they work as fast this time, we could see a new Mode album and tour being announced around 12 months from now. Sweet, huh?

Speculation that the band desires to once again work with Ben Hillier has yet to be confirmed, but here’s hoping!!

Source: www.depeche-mode.com

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