SIOUXSIE & TRIPOLI – Köln, Live Music Hall (03.11.2007)

SIOUXSIE & TRIPOLI - Köln, Live Music Hall (03.11.2007)
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Siouxsie Sioux, singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees came to cologne early November to present her debut solo album MantaraySIOUXSIE & TRIPOLI - Köln, Live Music Hall (03.11.2007) to the german audience and the Live Music Hall was pretty packed. Tripoli from Belgium opened up the night with a very sympathetic gig and the crowd was in best mood. That kinda changed afterwards because it took an hour for the stage-interval and so people started to get very impatient. But when Siouxsie and her band entered the stage, the bad feelings quickly disappeared and people were in awe of Siouxsie’s beautiful voice and the pretty songs of Mantaray. Of course people were hoping that old Banshee-classics would be played as well and their patience was put to a short test only because Arabian Nights was already part of the mainset, followed by Israel and Spellbound during the encore.

All in all a wonderful and impressive concert which we were glad to be able to attend. You can find pictures in the concert pictures section or right here by following the links :

SIOUXSIE & TRIPOLI - Köln, Live Music Hall (03.11.2007)

SIOUXSIE & TRIPOLI - Köln, Live Music Hall (03.11.2007)

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