2007-10-31 : News of the WEEPING WILLOWS -> New concerts in sweden announced

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A new message from the Weeping Willows:

We’ve had a good year 2007. Our album "Fear & Love" was released in february and was very well recieved. Maybe it’s our best album ever. We have been touring since it was released and that has been great too. We think we are better than ever. The pieces we’ve collected over the twelve years we’ve been together has now made a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. This spring we did 20 club gigs around Sweden and Finland, in the summer we did 8 Festival dates and during the autumn we did another 10 club gigs. On top of that we did numerous TV and radio shows plus the "Alls├ąng P├ą Debaser" in August. We’ve constantly changed the set lists during the year and also picked up quite a few new cover songs along the way. As we said we’ve had a great creative year. We want to celebrate this with a grand gig in our hometown Stockholm December 19. It will be a long night at Chinateatern with lots of songs and very special guests.
We have planned this concert for quite a while now and are happy and proud to present:

"An Evening with Weeping Willows at Chinateatern, Stockholm, December 19".
Featuring Stockholm Strings. (The string orchestra behind Brian Wilson and Arthur Lee’s Love’s last tours),
Guest musicians:
Andy Bell (Oasis)
Martin Hederos (The Soundtrack of Our Lives).
Guest vocalists:
Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen),
Jens Lekman.
Pet Sounds

Tickets: www.ticnet.se

We can’t wait!
//Weeping Willows

PS. We play two more gigs in December: 13 Ögir, Köping and 14 KB, Malmö.

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