DE/VISION & MICHIGAN & AKANOID – Essen, Zeche Carl (24.09.2007)

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On Monday Sept. 24th 2007, De/Vision, Michigan and Akanoid stopped by in Essen for a nice evening of De/Vision’s Noob-tour. Akanoid opened to promote their album "Cocktail Pop" and singer Hilton and his new band-members surely won some new fans with this great set. Afterwards Michigan did a solid concert before De/Vision entered the stage. De/Vision performed for almost 2 hours and created a nice atmosphere, the only little thing to criticize would be that some fans would have liked to hear more of their old songs, but still the songs from Noob and other newer albums were well received, a fact that doesn’t need to be mentioned for old hits such as "Try To Forget" or "I Regret", a felicitous ending for the evening.

You can find the pictures of the evening here:




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