2007-07-24 : Your clip in KMFDM’s next Video!

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First came FanPhotos, then FamKam, then FanPhone and now . . . FanVid. KMFDM Video and DVD Director Jacob Stone of Punch Drunk Productions will be editing together a video for a track off KMFDM’s forthcoming release, Tohuvabohu from fan submitted video clips. Submitted videos may be of whatever you would like, just send us something original and interesting and we may end up using it in the video. FanVid clip submission is only open for one week (until Friday, July 27th). Submission details are below.

Video clips may not exceed one minute in length or 200MB in file size. Acceptable video formats are avi, mov, mpg and mpeg – please do not zip files. All files must be submitted to KMFDM via yousendit.com by uploading your file to fanvid@kmfdm.net. Please include your legal name and a contact phone number in the "message" box when uploading your file. There is no cost for using yousendit and no registration is required. Do NOT send videos directly by email. Submitted videos that do not meet these requirements will be deleted and will not be considered for inclusion.

Please be aware that all submitted video clips must be original and be free of copyrighted footage and images. Submitted videos become the property of KMFDM, Inc., and by submitting a video you grant KMFDM premission to use your video in any fashion. Note that you must have permission from any people who appear in your video to submit their image(s) for the purposes outlined above.

Source: www.kmfdm.net

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