2007-07-10 : Live chat with IRIS, also new download-track, concert and DVD infos.

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XFire (one of the biggest gaming services in the world), will be hosting a live chat with us for their Music Week! We will be guesting along with Megadeth, Mindless Self Indulgence, 311, and many more. The live chat will occur on Thursday, July 19th, at 3 PM CST (that’s 20:00 GMT for our German friends). Ten people will also win a free copy of the latest album, "Wrath". It is invite-only, so click here to sign up! – http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_music_week_iris/

As if that wasn’t enough, we will be premiering a brand new track next week, exclusively downloadable through XFire. What more do you want? Maybe, if you’re nice, we’ll even post a little trailer for the DVD? How’s that?

Ok, fine, you want more? If you are in the midwest, don’t miss the 4-day Reverence festival later this month, where we will be playing on Friday along with Bella Morte, Claire Voyant, and Parasite Twin. The promoters have gone to extra lengths to make Friday an 18+ show, so if you’re underage, you can still get in. Also stick around for Saturday, as Andrew will be playing keyboards for electro-industrial hip-hoppers Stromkern! Not to be missed.

DVD info coming soon, we promise! (Blame the German ratings board for the delay).

As always, we love you all, and we’re hoping your summer is good!

Source: Iris – Myspace Bulletin

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